Don’t let your beautiful lawn get destroyed by weeds and pests.  A healthy lawn’s beauty will be admired by all of your neighbors, friends and family; but regular maintenance is required if you want to keep your lawn looking its best.  Maintaining a healthy lawn requires more than just adding some fertilizer and pesticide. Weeding, mowing, and edging are the necessary steps in keeping your lawn lush and healthy throughout the year.
  • Mowing, Edging & Weeding

Weeding No one likes to see weeds growing in their own backyard; but many feel overwhelmed by the maintenance requirements of keeping a weed free lawn. Weeding is the process of removing unwanted plants that compete with the healthy plants for nutrients and space. Our lawn maintenance staff can help in removing weeds so that you have a lovely lawn all year round.

Mowing There’s nothing more tiring and time consuming than mowing a lawn.  That’s why our experts take mowing chores off your hands. Our experts know that different grass species require different mowing techniques, and that mowing below the optimum height hampers root growth. We can mow your lawn on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the grass type.

Edging Our experts know that it’s important to give a finishing touch to your lawn once it’s mowed and edging does exactly that! Edging gives a neat, clean look to a freshly mowed lawn. We can edge your lawn’s sidewalks and driveways at an affordable price.

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  • Tall Grass, Brush Cutting & Removal
  • Seasonal clean-ups
  • Don’t you want your lawn to look beautiful throughout the year? If so, it’s essential that your lawn undergoes routine seasonal clean-ups to get that fresh, rejuvenated look. Most seasonal clean-ups are done at the beginning and the end of the season.
  • Spring Clean-ups Our spring clean-ups typically include raking and removing dead leaves from the lawn, pruning shrubs, and edging flower beds. We also use Spring clean-ups to aerate, and dethatch your lawn just in time for summer.
  • Fall Clean-ups Besides raking and removing dead leaves, we check the hedges to make sure that nothing needs to be supported for the upcoming winter season.
  • Leave up to our experts to transform your lawn in every season. Contact us to get a free estimate for your seasonal clean-up services.
    • Dumpster Rental & Debris Hauling
  • Re – Design Of Existing Landscape
  • Tree & shrub care
  • At Barry Landscape & Maintenance Service, we believe trees and shrubs are an integral part of your lawn’s beauty. Our mission is to enhance and protect your landscape with stronger, healthier, and beautiful trees and shrubs that you will enjoy for years to come.
  • Our tree and shrub service includes proactive and corrective pruning of trees and shrubs ensuring that your landscape remains healthy all year round.
  • Shrub Trimming & Tree Pruning Our pruning service includes removal of broken, diseased, or dead branches to prevent decay-producing fungi from invading and infecting the healthy branches of your tree.  Our shrub trimming service maintains the shape, fullness, and bloom of your shrubs. Trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs addresses concerns like safety, structural integrity, shape, and appearance in and around your landscape area.
  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization It’s important that your lawn has healthy shrubs and trees which are more likely to grow and resist disease.  To maintain the health of your trees and shrubs we blend fertilization with insect and disease control measures for exceptional results…
  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Every landscape looks good with trees.  However, if there are trees in your lawn that are diseased or that pose danger of falling, you must remove those trees immediately.  Healthy trees add to the beauty of your lawn, while diseased trees detract from your landscape’s beauty and may even pose a safety risk.  As tree removal and stump grinding experts, we can remove unhealthy or hazardous trees.  We also undertake stump grinding for aesthetically appealing lawns.
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    • Snow plowing & salting
    • Faced with snow removal problems?  Your worries end here. Barry Landscape & Maintenance Service can handle all of your snow removal issues.
    • Barry Landscape & Maintenance Service offers snow plowing and ice removal services for all your winter landscaping needs. No job is too big or too small.  Our professionals use large trucks to plow driveways and parking lots, and smaller equipment to clear the walkways. We plow snow when it reaches a minimum depth of 1”. We begin the snow removal process when the storm has ended or when sufficient snow has accumulated.
    • We also have salt trucks for de-icing.  The salt used for de-icing is treated with an organic based product made of biodegradable and renewable resources helping to lower the freezing point while providing decay protection.
    • We restrict our travel to limited areas during snowstorm.
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      • Fertilizer & chemical programs
      • Repeated use of synthetic chemical fertilizers can harm your grass and spoil the soil quality.  That’s why our professionals use organic fertilizers which benefit your lawn in numerous ways. Organic fertilizers improve the overall health of your lawn, giving it a luscious green color, improves foliage growth, and encourages root development. Spring is the best time to apply organic fertilizers to your landscape; this is when it’s the most vibrant. It’s important to note that organic fertilizer treatments take time to show results but benefits lawns in the long run.
      • Is your lawn infested with too many pests?  If so, it’s important to get rid of those nasty pests fast. While organic fertilizers are good for plants and soil, chemicals act quickly and efficiently when getting rid of harmful insects and pests. Safety is our top priority when applying chemicals to lawns that are infested with large pest populations so that your plants, trees and grass experience little or no damage.
      • Almost all residential and commercial landscapes in the US use fertilizers these days. Our professionally trained applicators can preserve your lawn with the right fertilizers and chemicals available in your region.
      • Contact us to get the right fertilizer program for your lawn today!
        • Bark mulch blowing & installation

Give your landscape a clean, crisp and manicured look by mulching flowers, bushes, and trees. Mulching offers a number of advantages:

  • Cuts down the time spent on watering, weeding, and combating pests
  • Helps with erosion control, soil temperature, and soil compaction
  • Prevents mud and certain pests away from leaves, flowers, and fruits
  • Covers the soil surface around plants and helps hold moisture in the soil

We use an automated bark mulch blower which is perfect for applying mulch in new or mature plant beds, and large or small areas. Our professional operators can precisely apply mulch at a specific speed and for the desired thickness through a remote control device. This equipment is especially beneficial for steep terrain where the distribution of mulch with a wheelbarrow is virtually impossible.

Our lawn maintenance experts can help you with mulch blowing and installation.

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  • Dethatching, overseeding & aeration
  • The process of removing excess thatch is called dethatching. The best time to dethatch your grass is during early Fall because if dethatching is done during spring, it may damage or destroy the newly rising grass crowns. Our professionals use mechanical dethachers to take care of your thatching problems ensuring the job is done with accuracy.
  • The process of creating air pores in compacted soil is called aeration. Aeration improves root growth and builds drought tolerance. Spring (or fall) is the best time to aerate because the season provides better results when combined with overseeding.
  • Overseeding is done to establish a nice, thick turf on your landscape. Overseeding your lawn with winter adapted grass varieties retains the evergreen look of your garden round the year.
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